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He as if spoke: I want

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He as if spoke: I want But actually we saw much pain to neck.

All identity of the child, and the first sign changed it there was a statement of independence.

He as if spoke: I want to do everything itself.

Please, do not help me.

He became suddenly the person who is looking for selfsufficiency despising any help.

Who could wait from it that which reactions and that the adult should be limited role of the observer?

The child in his world did not manage to appear proportions and the size as became his owner.

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I always

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I always Annie remembered something.

And after all the truth, it saw on the picture of witches with green hair.

Annie smiled.

She felt considerable simplification.

I always thought earlier that from my thoughts there will be terrible things she told.

Has to be, you felt ill at ease after such thoughts if you considered them such awful the godmother told.

Annie nodded.

Yes, to me it was very bad.

Sometimes, when I displayed the things on a desk precisely in such order in what they have to lie, to me calmed down.

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And nevertheless

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And nevertheless Also they put it is the same into words: In three years the child already the person.

And nevertheless it it is far did not settle yet that strange force which it possesses abilities to scoop information from the environment.

Children usually came to our first schools aged three years.

Nobody could teach them as they were not are susceptible to training.

And nevertheless they showed to us amazing greatness of human soul.

At us was rather the house for children, but not the real school.

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If you want

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If you want To put it briefly, in order that you could make this step, we we advise you to dare to rejoice vivacity and unpredictability of the child even if with what he or she surprise you, first causes only alarm and concern.

If you want to receive concrete recommendations as it is possible to increase pleasure and pleasure from communication with the child, try to do the following exercises: Make for yourself the list of ten acts of the child which surprised you or were unexpected.

Try to find in each of these now acts such parties which can cause in you feelings of pleasure, pleasures, enthusiasm.

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What did we do? ! When

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What did we do? ! When They after all and suffer, mother, in any case; she after all understands that occurred: If you saw what it was cheerful earlier.

What did we do?


When habitual life collapses, the settled life is scattered, communications friendly, related, human unstable unstable break up, but not the patient initially mentality of the teenager is especially vulnerable.

When similar cataclysms occur on the scale of the whole country, to the child is where to take cover, he has an opportunity to escape.

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Sometimes It was not pleasant to Annie at all.

She tried to tell them about all good that happened to her at school, hoping that they will begin it to be proud and will forget about the quarrels.

Sometimes she started worrying, thinking that they quarreled and angry at each other because she made something not so.

Once, when she did not clean up a toy, having left them on a floor, the father, having come home from work, started shouting at mother, abusing it for a disorder in the house.

In reply mother too began to shout at it.

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