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Mother picked

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Mother picked Mother ran to them, and the daughter jumped off from a horse and too ran to the mother.

Mother picked up the girl on hands, began to embrace her and to kiss.

And itself for some reason plakcht.

And the daughter cries.

When they calmed down, called the forester to the house.

And he told mother as met Yanochka.

In the evening mother put to bed at first a small sekstrichka, and then and to Yanochk.

Also told the daughter: You from myself I will not release more nikogkd!

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The child

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The child.

On the contrary, all sch thaw that he was lucky.

Efforts, which parents of a predprina wash for the sake of children, bring them joy, it is part roditelsko go missions.

The child awakens in parents that adults call ideals selfsacrifice ideals, unselfishness advantages which it is almost impossible about rest out of family life.

What businessman, having opportunity to acquire property necessary for it, will tell the competitor: Take, let it will be yours?

But if hungry parents do not have enough food, they is rather from seem from the last piece of bread, than will leave the child the hungry.

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Settled And only then they learn it can be divided into bigger quantity of segments.

At first nomadic somewhere from April to November.

The second settled from November to March.

Nomadic time is when the space round you is important.

Settled when the space in you is important.

We even have a transition holiday since nomadic time on settled and back.

Taking into account these temporary features, it is much easier to judge children's geographical discoveries which accompany them.

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He suggests

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He suggests The child sorts them by color and a form.

The teacher puts the yellow triangle on the middle of a carpet.

He suggests to apply three red triangles to this triangle.

So the hexagon turns out.

Then the teacher cleans a yellow triangle.

The child fills a vacant place other red triangles.

Then the teacher suggests the child to put with each other gray triangles.

The child compares two hexagons.

At last, the child puts with each other green triangles on black lines so that turned out a trapeze.

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If child

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If child To the child who wants to go itself, it has to be given a cart mozhnost to try to make it most, because names but practice strengthens any developing ability, and practice is all the same necessary and after acquisition by the main skill.

If child up to threeyear age of Bet time is carried on handles and I quite often had enough such to see, it does not promote, and stirs it to development.

As only independence is reached, continuing to help the adult becomes a hindrance.

Therefore it is clear that we should not carry the child on handles, and have to allow to it to go and if the hand wants it ra boats, we have to give it those things on which it will be able to exercise reasonable activity.

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All this

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All this Now or make work for the child, or take measures, that somehow differently to provide its performance.

All this can quite be done joyfully and vigorously, because you completely finished the second step and already that most achieved success regardless of how your child reacted and whether he made the work or not.

Congratulate yourself as you defended the rights.

Be glad to any feelings of selfconfidence and, perhaps even to fun which you could test when upholding the rights.

Third step The third step is reduced, as a matter of fact, to repetition of the second step, when in the next time you face the same problem.

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