Fie you! Annie

Fie you! Annie She could not imagine how here to help.

Give at first simply we will think mother told.

You say that Mary stuck to you with any silly words.

How you think that she achieved?

Annie reflected for a moment.

I think, she wanted me to tease and to enrage.

It is similar to the truth mother told.

And you made just what she achieved.

Fie you!

Annie was annoyed.

And it could not come to my mind.

It shook the head: It is not pleasant to me at all; I am not going to rage at all only because it wants Mary.

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All children

All children As Kolya ceased to peach Irina Turina Once upon a time there was on light the boy Kolya.

Very much this boy liked to peach.

In kindergarten he and was called: Kolya informer.

Once in the warm spring afternoon the group on the platform walked Colin.

All children played, and Kolya constantly bekgat to the teacher, Anna Nikolaevna, and complained.

Anna Nikolaevna!

Kolya shouted, running up to it.

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That causes

That causes But analogies let's think that occurs on concert.

On faces of listeners there is a delight, the heads and hands start moving in unison.

That causes it, if not reaction of mentality to music?

Something similar has to about to proceed in unconscious reason of the child.

Voices render MT it such deep action that our reaction to music anything in comparison with it.

We almost see vibrating /ИПЖСНИЯ its language, fluctuation of tiny vocal chords and cheeks.

Everything starts moving, trying in a silent podgo to tovka to reproduce the sounds which caused such confusion in it unconscious reason.

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I have to devote

I have to devote They do not see in me the person.

For Jean it were sense of guilt and fear: Has to be, I am the bad person.

I have to devote all the life to children.

And instead I work in to school or I earn additionally somewhere else.

Thereby I deprive children therefore they also behave not as it is necessary.

Long time we were ashamed of all these experiences and suffered one by one.

Is much later the understanding came: all this only wrong stereotypes of thinking, though enslaved, on our belief, many parents, but nevertheless quite giving in to alteration.

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But it means

But it means with and I, unfortunately, was always belittled.

If it and Was present at school, only under a sign uprazh III niya, physical culture or games.

But it means not about rii.

p attention to close connection of the movement from a razviv we yushchitsya by reason.

Let's try to consider nervous system of the person in Hi

The Elavny place in it at the N shnezhit to a brain or to center.

It is followed by the various opi.

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What do you spin, well

What do you spin, well so curiosity right there moved desire to burst in a tirade about the rights and duties of normal school students.

And what appeared?

It appeared that on awfully difficult subject, mothers!

one girlfriend, the girl silent and timid answered.

What do you spin, well you spin?

the teacher killed it.

The girl finally mixed up.

the teacher called it.


to put it mildly, stupid.

Also added some more epithets those which adults when fly into a rage are able to add.

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