Sometimes It was not pleasant to Annie at all.

She tried to tell them about all good that happened to her at school, hoping that they will begin it to be proud and will forget about the quarrels.

Sometimes she started worrying, thinking that they quarreled and angry at each other because she made something not so.

Once, when she did not clean up a toy, having left them on a floor, the father, having come home from work, started shouting at mother, abusing it for a disorder in the house.

In reply mother too began to shout at it.

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Jumped up and stretched

Jumped up and stretched I played on the bongosa standing on a support, accompanying the phrase It is time to speak: Goodbye!

Here Mathew who stood and listened, approached a plate, concerned it, then scrambled on a low little table where in a box small tools lay.

Again got down down and shouted.

Jumped up and stretched to grab a microphone which I managed to rescue.

Mathew was excited, ran up to a window and scrambled on a window sill.

I came nearer to it, playing on a glockenspiel.

The boy calmed down and quickly looked at me.

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That is this

That is this It se the stra did it by usual direct strokes, but it at thought something better and used wavy lines, on hozhy on worms.

That is this child waited, so far all will fall asleep, except his translator, and came to her, is sure ny in that it will help.

Not the anger and violence, but patience notes this period in zhie children, patience to wait for a right moment.

Only when the child cannot express himself or finds vnutrs scientific research institute of an obstacle to implementation of the desire, it is the demon strirut bitterness and irritation fits of anger Also sets the described example as these remains starat sya to imitate in the behavior to children is more senior.

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The cat on kitchen

The cat on kitchen What to do with a cat?

And once we decided to put a cat into a diet.

The cat a bowl empty looks.

He waited for two days, and for the third day it had to go about the own main business.

The cat on kitchen brought five mice.

But is them did not become, sat down again about the pan.

We fed the hunter.

Than the lazy cat was engaged?

How mice in such conditions began to behave?

What did owners of a cat make?

When the cat decided to work?

What did the cat make?

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There you will

There you will Most likely, he besides waits for attention, waits that parents right there surrounded it with vigilant care.

It is possible to suggest the kid to shout and potopat feet there, at a window.

There you will have also a special corner for driving on a floor.

By the way, here that you can tell the kid: And when you will stop crying out, approach me and tell that already finished, then it will be possible to suggest you to make something more interesting, than a fulling on a floor and stamping feet.

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And all together

And all together Guests too were surprised that Andryusha does not hesitate of them any more.

Also were delighted.

And all together went to drink tea with crumbs from a pie.

Oh, no, not with crumbs, and with a pie!

To mice in a mink carried Andryush's crumbs!

And the little little mouse bragged of everything: This is Andryusha, my friend.

It very courageous!

It does not bokitsya neither a cat, nor a thunder, the vacuum cleaner.

He even is not afraid to greet guests!

Does not want to go to kindergarten One fairy tale As Olya Fell in Love with a Garden is presented in this section.

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It compares

It compares The child weighs separate plates on scales and compares their weight.

Thus he puts them on different bowls of scales; the child weighs plates by means of weights.

It compares the weight of separate plates.

If can, it writes down their weight; the child puts on scales at the same time some plates; the child tries to counterbalance a certain number of plates of one series plates of other series.

Materials for distinction of noise and sounds The rustling boxes Material.

It consists of two boxes on boxes in everyone.

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