Apparently, she felt

Apparently, she felt the Girl embraced me, laughing heartily, as the ordinary child, without that psychotic shade which always painted earlier her laughter.

Apparently, she felt a great relief of that some deeply hidden emotion, at last, comes to light.

It strongly excited me and touched.

Later quite long time Pamela calmed down, continuing we were alone tenderly and strong to hold me.

We together played on a zither and drums.

Pamela firmly responded to my offer to invite to the room of her father: No.

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In public

In public They are the strongest, or owing to that are allocated with bigger energy, or on to that was lucky them with surrounding conditions more, whereas those who is in the following circle, have less energy, or they faced big obstacles.

In public life the first are considered as owners go strong character, the others weaker.

The first feel in themselves a natural attraction to the center, to a sover to shenstvo.

The second tend to slide off to the external to ring, to асоциальное™ and an extra sociality.

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Special rituality

Special rituality And as an excess makeweight or a gift, probably, life presented to mankind a holiday table or its top a feast where the improvised staging created by participating guests turns dishes in characters of action.

Special rituality of acceptance of food, the due handling of viands of the laid table represents not only cause and effect of many vital artful designs, but also signals, is joyful or disturbing, about some manifestations of life of the child.

RECIPES OF PREPARATION FOR PREPARATION Fuss of mother in kitchen in adult years is remembered as religious rite.

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Everything These events were not caused any educational metody in the standard sense of it words.

On the contrary, these events, as they were developed, became our conductor and teach whether us to treat children.

Everything began with our attempts to create the appropriate living conditions, in which development children would not meet obstacles, and to give them the chance independently to choose various means for the figure to Nosta from among that we provided to them.

Would follow to note that made us was opening in the nursery psychology.

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Such serious

Such serious This wrong §ТМОШение adopted also schools.

In the world of physiology it also, Kyk of the powerful prince to make the shepherd's servant.

The prince the muscular system is used only in order that spo snpp to iovat vegetative life.

Such serious mistake cannot but lead to the harmful to consequences its result is division mezhd world of the movement and world of thought.

As at the child e < not only reason, but also a body, we understand that in it forging training it is necessary to include games not props brech with anything from this, than the nature presented it.

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And it is a cheerful

And it is a cheerful And it is a cheerful bird a titmouse we wave hands and we twirl by the head, Which often steals wheat we pinch from time to time air fingers, Which is stored in a dark closet palms we close eyes In the house which was built by Jack hands we outline house contours.

Here a cat we stretch, Which frightens and catches a titmouse we jump and we do the hvatatelny movements, Which often steals wheat we pinch from time to time air fingers, Which is stored in a dark closet palms we close eyes In the house which was built by Jack hands we outline house contours.

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The speech

The speech However, some grammatical mistakes, but now them much less, than earlier still remain.

The speech of the kid becomes more expressive.

The child not only precisely distinguishes intonation which to him handle, but also itself is capable to give with its help various emotions, can speak louder more silently, do pauses.

The dictionary of the kid by five years may contain to words!

Now at its lexicon there are all parts of speech, there are also generalizing concepts, for example clothes, furniture, jewelry and others.

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