Since fourfive

Since fourfive The more you communicate with the child, the more actively he seeks for communication with you.

Each your conversation with the kid is a stimulation of acoustical attention, acoustical and speech memory, activization of voice reactions.

Since fourfive months the child starts murmuring.

Prepare to that the kid will murmur months to seven.

Farewell, chains of vowels!

Hello, first harbingers of consonants!

The mouth increases in volume, so language can move more actively, and the child can say concordants.

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It simple

It simple But we should not confuse this natural social solidarity with the organization of society of adults, which pra Vit human destinies.

It simple last stage unless Tia of children, almost divine and incomprehensible creation emb riona of society.

Soon after achievement of sixyear age, when re the benok enters a new stage of development noting thereby transition from society in a germinal stage to society, only that been born, spontaneously there is other form is real stvovaniya in which groups will be organized consciously.

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It is convenient

It is convenient The same rules can be executed differently in the form of the pictogram it is possible nearby and to write the text just in case.

It is convenient because then everyone will appear on a single sheet and you will be able to hang out them in turn or all at once, but in the center on what want to concentrate attention of the child especially.

It is possible to make rules in the form of schemes or to imitate road signs and to create something similar, on subject necessary to you.

Do not forget to come back to the passable material from time to time to be convinced: the child precisely remembered it.

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This game

This game By means of acoustical memory it finds a suitable box on other table and orders them.

This game can also be held as game of partners with each other; boxes of one series distribute to six children.

The teacher shakes any box from other series.

Child, which holds a box with the same noise, brings it to the teacher; all boxes are distributed.

Each child listens to noise of the box.

He tries to find the child, at which the box rustles in the same way; the teacher chooses from any series a box with the most silent, loudest and intermediate noise.

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Thus the teenager

Thus the teenager Making similar offenses, he or she breaks and at worst something can make the rights of other people that will put to them direct loss.

Thus the teenager gets also some idea about the law which, perhaps, at first are reduced to that it is easy for them to neglect, and then if to it has the luck and he will not manage to become inveterate the offender already starts understanding that not so easily to bypass laws and violations them can have very unpleasant consequences.

You cannot directly to affect the child so that he ceased to be engaged things of this sort; therefore it is necessary only to hope that police will interfere before business goes too far.

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Mother picked

Mother picked Mother ran to them, and the daughter jumped off from a horse and too ran to the mother.

Mother picked up the girl on hands, began to embrace her and to kiss.

And itself for some reason plakcht.

And the daughter cries.

When they calmed down, called the forester to the house.

And he told mother as met Yanochka.

In the evening mother put to bed at first a small sekstrichka, and then and to Yanochk.

Also told the daughter: You from myself I will not release more nikogkd!

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The child

The child.

On the contrary, all sch thaw that he was lucky.

Efforts, which parents of a predprina wash for the sake of children, bring them joy, it is part roditelsko go missions.

The child awakens in parents that adults call ideals selfsacrifice ideals, unselfishness advantages which it is almost impossible about rest out of family life.

What businessman, having opportunity to acquire property necessary for it, will tell the competitor: Take, let it will be yours?

But if hungry parents do not have enough food, they is rather from seem from the last piece of bread, than will leave the child the hungry.

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